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  • Digital display provide for exposure time setting.
  • Separate hand operate switch is provided for remote control of X-ray exposure.
  • Easy Exposure time set controls by soft touch button.
  • Microprocessor based controller that generates precision, accurate & reliable exposure timing.
  • Automatic power cutoff at low voltage & high voltage as a safety measure fo X-ray tube head.
  • Very fast acting fuse is provided as a measure of safety against danger of exposure to radiation which is different from the specified doses and period.
  • All functions performing according to the safety to the regulations.
  • Maximum flexibility in X-ray head movement and adjustment by sensor arm hinge joints,
  • nylo- bearing and well balanced sturdy stand on castors.
  • Time adjustment is possible for both RVG as well as X-ray film.
  • High and low line voltage sensing & cutoff.(>190V AC to > 250V AC).
  • Fool proof circuit design ro prevent unwanted x-ray emission in case of any SSR relay failure.
  • 3Digit LED Display for timing indication. 5mS to 995mS
1.Type : 70KV
2.Rated electrical Power : 0,430Kw
3.Supply Voltage : 230/240(50Hz)
4.Absorption : 6A
5.Focal spot : 0.8mm (IEC 336)
6.Anode current : 8mA
7.Total filtration : 2mm Al.eq
8.Focus skin distance : 20cm
9.Ø of long cone at end of spacer : 6 m
10.Dispersed radiation :
11.Intermittent operation : 1/30 Exposure: 30s reset
12.Control logic : Deadman
13.Maximum apparent resistant of :
14.Mains power supply : 2 O
15.Fuse : F6, 3AT
16.Aluminum filter to be interposed :
17.Between x-ray window and collimator cone : AI, 1min(AIP99,9 UNI3657)