• Table top front loading Autoclave.
  • Fully Automatic Micro-Processor basedControl.
  • Highly accurate Semiconductor pressure sensor for 1.2kg.(1210C) or 2kg (134 C)
  • Sterilisation Chamber made up of thick stainless steel sheet, tested with high pressure.
  • Digital Timer both for wet and dry heat: Wet Timer starts after desired temperature is reached irrespective of load of instruments in Chamber. Dry Timer starts automatically after wet cycle is over, resulting in perfect sterilization.
  • Silicone Rubber ring-gasket in the door, silicon tube for Drain water.
  • Screw Handle for door locking prevents sudden opening of door.
  • Auto drain of water and also condensation of steam.
  • Alarm after total command is over.
  • Auto equaliser of pressure in Chamber for easy opening.
  • Finished with heat cured Epoxy powder coating paint.
  • Base and Front Panel made of stainless steel.
  • Highly Accurate Motorol Pressure Sensor is used (PT-100).
  • Tone Buzzer to produce different tones during operation. (viz., Key press, Temperature reached, Job over etc. )
  • Wet Heater to a maximum of 1.0kW.
  • Dry Heater to a maximum of 300W.
  • Thermostat for sensing no water in the sterilization chamber.
  • Programmed parameters are stored in Flash memory, eliminating the need to set
    the parameters again after Power Off.
  • “N Class” Model,Loading, Fully Programmable Digtal Type microprocessor based (12 liters)
  • Temperature select 121°C and 134° Wet and dry cycle.