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  • The Best – X-DC radiographic is the fruit of the New Lift Radiology long experience
  • Utilizing the most modern technique applied on dental radiology in the mono bloc.
  • Light weight (3,5 Kg) allows to operate the arm very easily.
  • The monobloc with constant potential reduces significantly the reduction quantity compared to normal radiographic.
  • Low energy noxious radiation are almost completely eliminated, obtaining high definition images, both in traditional mode and digital and phosphorous system, protecting patient health.
  • The exclusive timer placed in the monobloc, exposition parameters set up with pre-set and modifiable software by the final user.
  • The machine is remote controlled, with operator complete safety by a radio wave remote control. The exclusive thermo switch system gives further safety as able to block Rx emission in the event of a timer breakdown.


Classification : CLASS 1 Electro-medical Apparatus with type B part applied

Head : Constant potential radiographic managed by microprocessor

1.Rated electrical power : 0,800KW
2.High frequency technology : 100 KHz
3.Absorption : 6 A
4.Tube Toshiba : DG 073B DC
5.Focal Spot : 0.7 mm IEC 336
6.of long cone at the end of spacer : 6 cm
7.Total filtration : 2 mm Al
8.Selectable anodic current : 4 – 7 mA
9.selectable voltage to x-ray tube : 60 – 70 Kvp
10.Dispersed radiation : < 0,25 mGy/h a 1 meter from focus 1
11.Exposure time : 0.020-1.000 mS SCALA R10
12.Power supply : 190-240 V 50Hz
13.Intermittent operation : 1/30 1 s exposure 30 s reset max
14.Distance : F.F 20 cm
15.Fuse : F6,3 AT
16.Dead man logic control :
17.Digital radiography key :