A versatile Operation Table for General Surgery and special procedures. Provides smooth, easy and accurate positioning. Fully maneuverable by Finger tip operated Touch Keys on a Remote Control Hand Switch.
The movements are controlled by high quality Electric Motors to achieve smooth and efficient operation, without the slightest jerk.
Membranes type, feather touch, hand control to adjust all Electric movements. Shock Free, Operating on DC 12v with a flexible cable.
Parallel Operating Switches which are fixed to the table

  • All parts are made of Stainless Steel (304 G)
  • Table top Completely Radio-lucent
  • Four piece Table
  • Full length Cassette Tunnel to move X-Ray cassette. Special quick-change clamp to hold cassette firmly in any position.

Additional Special Features :

  • 13 Attachments suitable for all types of surgery
  • Built in Kidney Bridge
  • Split leg Rest with lateral rotation.
  • Battery Back up

Electrically Operated positions

  • Raising and Lowering. Minimum Ht: 760mm. Maximum Ht: 1060mm
  • Trendelenburg to reverse trendlenburg 30°
  • Lateral tilt left to right 28°
  • Back rest 80° upright to 10° downward

Mechanical adjustments :

  • Mechanical Leg rest adjustable from parallel position to 90° downward
  • Head Section – movable mechanically, detachable for fixing neuro Head Rest;
  • Table mounted on Castor wheels for Smooth movements, brake for firm and rigid locking of table

Dimensions :

  • Length             :             1750 mm
  • Width               :              510 mm
  • Table height

Minimum Ht :              760 mm
Maximum Ht :             1060 mm

  • Back Rest        :              80°
  • Trendelenburg :          30°
  • Leg Rest               :          90°
  • Head Rest            :          30°
  • Lateral Tilt          :          28°