1. Place unit on easily accessible side table with smooth surface to avoid wobbling.
2. Fill aluminum crucible with enclosed Glass bead up to 5mm from the rim.
3. Turn “ON” light switch. Unit ready to use in approximately 10 minutes as indicated by
“ READY” “GREEN LIGHT”. however, we prefer that unit be used after 30 minutes after
initial time giving unit the to stabilize to require temperature.
4. Insert working ends of instrument to be sterilized into Glass Bead crucibles ( see Time Chart
Below) if desired instruments may be rinsed under running water and wiped dry before
use in Glass Bead Sterilizer.
5. Leave Sterilizer ON all day if desired as the unit will maintain constant sterilization

NOTE: Instrument can be sterilized even when the Heating Light is ON
( after the initial heat up time of minutes)

6. When unit no longer in use switch off and allow to coll for 5 minutes.