Motorized Electronic controlled Gynecological/Urological chair with LED Light of 11 Bulbs 46,000 Lux on adjustable arm. Non touch sensor

  • Motorized movements provide smooth, easy and accurate position. Raising and lowering, trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg and backrest adjustments.
  • Microprocessor based electronic control used.
  • Total maneuverability by just a touch of foot switch.
  • You can memorize 2 programmes which are erasable, i.e. 1 and 2. “Z” is for Zero Positioning.
  • Arrangements to keep the paper roll which can be pulled out on the seat and disposed after every patient.
  • S.S. Douche tray on sliding ball bearing rollers for a smooth movement.
  • Sliding foot extension which can expand to form a complete table, slide inside to form a chair.
  • 24 V DC motor with built in auto cut off feature at maximum and minimum position.
  • Microprocessor based control for auto cut off in case of high and low voltage and short circuits.
  • Ergonomic seat for the total comfort.
  • Euro moulded seat covered with high quality seamless vinyl for long life.


  • Hand rest.
  • Knee crutches are provided for convenient positioning.