Bed developed for routine special care for the patient in any and every hospital. Excellent for the patient who finds difficult to getup. Automatic bed for special room for home use. Rigid construction which lasts long as it is fabricated out of non-rusting 304 grade stainless steel. Tubes, pipes, bolts and screws are also of SS.

  • Both the motors are of 24 volts DC
  • Hand switch 12 VDC provide easy control of all the movements connecting flexible cable gives easy maneuverability for the hand control.
  • Movements are electrically operated.
  • Back Rest : 0 to 700
  • Fowler’s movement
  • Head and footboards are easily detachable, made up of rigid blowplast PE material single piece, can be cleaned by any chemical.
  • Side railer high quality rigid blowplast PE 2 pieces with locking. Easy release handle with pneumatic piston to put it down.
  • Bed Top: 4 pieces rigid blow plast PE material can be cleaned by any chemical.
  • Bed: Most latest memory foam which can adjust to the curvature of the body to avoid bed sour etc. When bed is moving there is no crashing effect, it gets adjusted.
  • Mounted on 5 inches size 4 wheels with 2 locks for safety.