ICU/CCU Beds are required for Comfort and safety of the patient and to facilitate comfortable transfer to emergency OT / Wards etc. They are also required to carry out ‘point of care procedures’ including radiological procedure at the bedside.

  • Totally fabricated in S.S 304, including bolts & nuts.
  • CPR Function in case of cardiac arrest to bring Back Rest to flat position immediately.
  • Zero position with a single button, for normal flat position.
  • lockable attendant control panel.
  • Battery Back up.
  • Oxygen cylinder mounting provision.
  • Adjustable stand for saline drips which can be fixed at any corner.
  • Monkey pole with ring for support.
  • Head and footboards easily detachable.
  • Side railer high quality rigid blowplast PE 4 piece with locking. Easy release handle with pneumatic piston to put it down.
  • Bed Top: 4 pieces rigid blow plast PE material, can be cleaned by any chemical.
  • All the 4 wheels of high quality. Central locking, directional locking
  • Telescopic IV pole can be attached to anyone of the 4 corners. Two IV Pole stands.
  • Lifting pole with triangular ring can be fixed at any of the 4 corners.

Electrical movements: 

  • Up and down
  • Trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg
  • Backrest
  • Fowlers

    Size: 2060 mm X 900 mm 

  • Height (approx) : Adjustable min 630 mm Max 830 mm
  • Electric system and 4 motors 24 Volts DC output
  • Memory foam bed gets adjusted to body shape to avoid bed sore. No pressing/crushing effect when moved to any position. Covered with vinyl.