• Body contoured Electrically operated multiprogrammable Chair, With Right arm rotatable for easy access.
  • Articulated head rest, Seat & back rest Thickly cushioned with rexine.
  • LED Operating light “Sunlight” having multi surface Glass reflector (40,000 lux) on/off and intensity control by non-touch sensor wíth 3 directional movement.
  • Chair side porcelain spittoon with autowater connection,
  • High and low vacuum Motorised wet line “WETCO” suction, continuous rating nonstop suction.
  • Assistant Console for chair control.
  • Modular (Delivery Hanging System),
  • Two airotor points with tubing& nutfitting (without Handpiece),
  • Supreme micromotor 3S,000rpm (without handpiece} with dígital displayofspeed.
  • Supreme fibre optic scaler with high frequency handpiece supplied with titanium quoted five scaling Tips.
  • Three way syringes 2 nos
  • X ray viewer,
  • SS lnstrument tray,
  • Transparent water booster,
  • Multifunction foot control
  • “EURO” Dental operator’s Stool with back rest and Seat movement Pneumatic piston for up & down.


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Optional fittings

  1. NSK Scaler (OEM) Unit with 3 Scaling tips
  2. EMS Scaler (OEM) Unit with 3 Scaling tips
  3. Titanium Cellular Optic Airotor Handpiece
  4. LED Light Cure Unit (BG light): Gun type with built in fan, Available with cord(unit mount) or Cordless(Independent).
  5. LED Light Cure Unit (Bee cool Turbo) unit mount
  6. NSK non optic brushless Micromotor(40000rpm)
  7. S-max pico ultra mini head handpiece
  8. Dyna LED Handpiece ( M 500LG B2)