• Electrically Operated Zero Program dental chair with heavy casting lifting arm and solid rigid bottom plate, suitable for pedo patient.
  • Right arm moveable ( control at backrest & foot)
  • Synchronized movement with molded seat with unit consist operating light with two intensity, auto water for colored glass/ceramic spittoon and tumbler.
  • Provisions embossed cartoon figures at base & pillar cover of the chair.
  • High & low motoriesed suction ( auto flush, auto drain sensor controlled)
  • Modular system fitted with
  • airotor control with booster tubing border two hole regulate air – 1no with Pana Air Airotor handpeice – (NSK Japan) – 1No
  • Supreme micromotor 35,000 RPM with digital display with:
  • EX-VI B straight handpiece (NSK Japan) -1No
  • NAC-EC contra angle handpiece (NSK Japan) 1 No
  • 3way syringe – 2nos
  • Piezo scalar with 28 to 32KHz with 5tips/
  • Light cure LED with intensity of 1200mw/cm2
  • Intra oral camera fitted to the dental chair with arm and monitor for display.
  • Provision hanging toys & one touch music, X-ray viewer, SS instruments tray.

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