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Best Quality Dental Chair in India


Buying a dental chair is the dream and primary decision of every dentist. There are various dental chairs available in the Indian dental market, but the big question is that which are the best dental chairs in the terms of quality, comfort, functionality and the price.

Every dentist’s certainly puts their thoughts while purchasing a right dental chair that can ensure to perform their job effectively and comfortably for their patients. When a dental patient spends up to 95-percent of their visiting time on dental chair, sometimes even longer. Dentists can be stressful were depending on chair comfortability and many other reasons. When you forced to some more minutes to spend on uncomforted chair, it may cause even more stressful.

Perform your work very easy and comfortably by choosing the best quality and featured dental chair plays a vital role in the dental profession, a good dental chair is also important to keep dental professionals’ comfort and easy to use with the top end adjustments fit to any height and angle with in the clinic space.

Confident dental chairs manufacturing company is for ultimate comfort, Style, and Design. Confident Dental Equipments Private limited is one of the largest manufacturers of dental and medical equipment in India, and is committed to provide the best quality dental chair at economical price in the Indian dental market.

Confident has a different models in the dental chairs according to style, comfort and efficiency. In that one of the confident’s leading dental chair unit is Mookambika Dental Chair.

Mookambika Dental Chair has a special features like its body contoured that electrically operated dental chair with the right arm rotatable. It includes LED operating with the 30000 lux on/off and intensity which can control by non-touch sensor with 3 directional movement can capture the tiny details of the operative field with minimal effort. You can also figure out the great features are X-Ray Viewer and High-low vacuum motorised “DRYCO” suction with auto drain and auto flush system.

Attractively there are 15 different Rexine shades are available if you are crazy about colours.

A relaxed patient is usually a positive factor, allowing dentists to hold out treatment to the absolute best of their abilities. Anatomically shaped to cradle the body, the chair always gives correct support, even where the patient is of small stature. Combined patient chair movements ensure correct alignment of the lower limbs and constant, proper support of the patient’s shoulders, thus preventing undesirable tension within the neck and shoulders.

Also, confident provides budget friendly or second chair in the clinic for every dentist at lowest price model called Confident Wave dental Chair.

Donning | Doffing | Re-use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Kit) for Dental and Oral Health Care Workers


During this pandemic, highly infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, can put dental and oral workers at the highest risk of infection than the other public. Personal protective equipment (PPE) offers a way of reducing the risk of infection when treating patients, by minimizing exposure to contaminated body fluids.

Personal Protective Equipment which reduces the highest risk of cross infection due to exposure to contamination by more aerosol generation.

A complete range of PPE kits can involve in preventing droplets from entering the mouth, nose, or eyes and preventing them from contaminating the skin elsewhere. Dentists and members of the dental team work in close proximity face-to-face, with patients often for sustained periods of time. As part of routine care, they are exposed to saliva and blood and carry out aerosol-generating procedures.

Members of the dental team are very experienced in the use of standard PPE. The review suggests that covering more parts of the body (e.g. using a long gown rather than merely an apron) provides better protection against contamination.

Additional measures to reduce the risks of contamination relevant to the dental team include the use of the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). Here is the video guidance for donning and doffing, additional spoken instructions during doffing, and techniques including one step removal of PPE, sanitation of gloves prior to removal and double gloving and also reusing of PPE Kit.

Confident’s Personal Protective Equipment Kit with Best Quality, High Class Waterproof Breathable Protective overall with Hood and Tape. It is sewn and processed with Non-woven, PE, and Breathable Composite Membrane as a raw material.

Features of Confident PPE Kit

1. PPSB Laminated with Breathable PE Flim

2. Breathable and Impervious

3. Passes Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance Test

4. Hood Design Provides Overall Protection with Elastic

5. Provide Barrier and Protection from Blood

6. Body Fluids, Secretions, and Particles in the Air

7. Corjoined, Sewing Sorip Sealing

8. Anti-Static, Anti-Liquid Splash

9 . Shrinking Elastic Cuffs


Re-Use of PPE Kit after Disinfection


Dentists can reuse Confident’s PPE Kit without putting into the trash, by disinfecting complete PPE Kit in UV Light Wardrobe.

Steriline+ Germicidal light is a UV disinfection is to destroy the DNA in the cells of microorganisms by using UV light of appropriate wavelength. The molecular structure of (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid), resulting in the death of growing cells and (or) the regenerative cells die to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection. High efficiency and high efficiency with a special design the UVC band with high intensity and long life irradiates the running water, which will bring all kinds of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens. UV is mainly applied to microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.).The radiation damage and the destruction of nucleic acid function make the microorganism die, and achieve the goal of disinfection.


Features of Confident’s Steriline+ Germicidal UV Light

(1) Sterilization is fast and efficient: The sterilization of bacteria and viruses by ultraviolet is generally within one to two seconds to 99% – 99.9%.

(2) The broad spectrum of sterilization and ultraviolet technology: is the highest among all disinfection technologies. It can kill almost all bacteria and viruses efficiently.

(3) High-efficiency sterilization: For bacteria, the sterilization and inactivation of bacteria are generally completed in a few seconds, almost instantaneously.

(4) Bactericidal spectrum: It can kill almost all bacteria and viruses efficiently. It includes the structural protein and accounting of COVID 19.

(5) No secondary pollution: No other chemical pollutants.

How Selection of Great Seating and its Adjustment Impact Your Health


How Selection of Great Seating and its Adjustment Impact Your Health


The importance of the dental operator stool has taken a backseat to the patient chair. But now a days, the change of the mind set according to new innovations becoming prominent on how various seating options impact a dentist’s musculoskeletal health. From the ergonomic standpoint, the operator stool is the most important chair in your treatment room.

However, the low back pain is the leading Low back pain is that the reported for occupational disability in dentistry. Studies clearly show that low back pain is usually associated with sitting duration. When sitting was first introduced to dentistry, most dentists spent their day doing amalgams. The procedures were fast and straight forward. Today, with the wide selection of services offered, many dental practitioners find themselves during a fixed seated position for extended time periods, a situation that’s extremely deleterious to the spine and to physical health generally.

“Improper Position” will ultimately meet with failure. If there is no perfect chair, then there can be no perfect health.

The operator stool should suits support your body during a neutral back, neck, and shoulder posture. With the different types of body sizes and heights among dental operators, certain stool types will suit you better than others. Tall and short operators, who are especially vulnerable to pain syndromes due to ill-fitting seating, should be particularly conscientious when assessing special stool features.

Confident Dental Equipment came up with the “Zero Back Ache – Comfort Stool with better elegance and ergonomics”

  • Rising & Lowering, Backrest movement, Seat movement by a pneumatic piston.
  • A bowl shape seat provides seating without strain and backrest moves with body giving support all time to the spine
  • Adjustable backrest & comfortable to work easily.
  • Design: The comfort stool is specially designed for multipurpose working environment. The features of this stool is to give excellent seating support to them, especially as they occupy different positions, while working.
  • Elegance: A Smoothly curved shape.
  • Ergonomics: The stool provides a perfect support to the whole body with the adjustable angle for the seat and adjustable backrest to suit user. It follows the movement as the user works. It allows complete freedom of movement to should blades. The bowl shaped seat provides a correct seating without strain and do not allow sliding even when you lean forward.

“Comfort” Stool for Doctors

             1. Height Adjustment:
To increase the height of the chair pull the lever in the upward direction when you are not seated on the stool, the unit moves in the upward direction.
To decrease the height of the chair press the lever in the upward direction when you are seated on the stool, the unit moves in the downward direction.                    By doing this you can adjust the stool to any convenient height.


2. Handrest Adjustment:

    • To increase the height of the Handrest assembly unscrew the KNOB 1 & lift the assembly to the required height and tighten the knob.
    • You can slide the Handrest in the forward direction
    • To swivel, the Handrest unscrew the KNOB 2 & swivel the Handrest to the required angle & lock the angle by tightening the knob.

        3. Backrest Adjustment:

To adjust the height of the backrest, unscrew the knob given at the rear end of the backrest & hold the backrest & lift in the upward direction to increase the height, or pull the backrest in the downward direction to decrease the height, by doing this you can adjust the backrest to the required height.

        4. Backrest & Seatrest Adjustment:

Rotate the lever up, piston gets activated such that backrest & Seatrest will follow the contoured body. Backrest and Seatrest will follow your movements individually. You can lock the position at the required height & angle.


Cleaning & Maintenance

  1. Patient Chair Upholstery :

A mild soap & warm water solution can be used to wipe clean the stains or spills. Dry immediately with a warm setting of hairdryer.

Note: Do not use alcohol as a cleaning agent.


2. Unit Surfaces :

All exposed surfaces should be periodically wipe cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning agents specially designed for use with dental units.

Note: To avoid damage, a splashed cleaning solution must be wiped immediately from the surfaces of the dental units.


3. Foot Control Unit :

The foot control unit should be periodically wipe cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning agent specially designed for use with dental units.


4. Instruments :

All instruments must be periodically cleaned & serviced according to the information supplied with the instruments.

Note: After cleaning the instruments let the oil run through it for about 10 minutes before placing it in the pouch for autoclaving.


5. Suction Handpieces :

The suction handpieces can be unscrewed from the suction tubes for cleaning. Handpieces can be autoclaved up to 135 degrees C.

Note: Do not use dishwashing detergents as cleaning agents


6. Preventive Maintenance:

To guarantee the proper operation of the unit, it has to be checked & serviced once every six months by qualified service personnel trained at Confident Dental Equipment.


Caution: You can use any disinfectant available at market in the ratio of 1:10 (i,e for every one part of disinfectant you have to add 10% of water).


Apart from the Comfort Stool, Dental Clinic must have the following products in the time of Covid-19


  1. PPE Kit: Protect Yourself against the COVID 19
  2. KN95 Mask: Particulate Respirator
  3. Medical Goggles: Anti Fog, Clear Picture
  4. Face Shield: Ensure Safety
  5. Steriline Fog Plus: Disinfect Your Clinic of Germs and Virus
  6. Steriliz Air Plus: Aersol Suction, Protects YOU from the Cross Infection



We must thank everyone for supporting at this time to fight COVID-19

Working during the time of lockdown and putting the duty ahead of personal safety and to feel like an opportunity to give back to society by providing necessary medical equipments, to fight against Covid-19, to support our Government agenda, to support the citizens and building capacity and control of the epidemic before it can take over.

Team Confident has always shown humility, but we can step up when the situation demands. We do not have the greatest people but we have people who can perform when situations demand. Our team is selfless for our customers and anytime ready to support our country. We seldom get a chance to do things for the nation as our business does not demand such sacrifices but when we got this opportunity, we did not let this go. We are proud to share a story with our customers and fellow workers. The purpose is to motivate and recognise the team.

Date: 26th March 2020

Initially call was received by Mr.Rajneesh Shetty, the Marketing person for GIMS (Gulbarga Institute of Medical Science), who informed our Managing Director, Dr. B Subashchandra Shetty. Under his guidance, Mr. B. Arun Kumar Shetty, General Manager and Mr. M. Rakshith Shetty, Chief Operations Officer, charted out plans to execute the project.

After we received a circular note from the District office, Kalburgi, to provide ICU Beds on emergency at GIMS, Gulbarga Institute of Medical Science, we put our actions together immediately to make the supply as fast as possible. When whole of India was under lockdown, it was a big challenge for us to fight against social crisis and also safety of our Confident acted in quick response and all of this with necessary precautions. Confident team members played a very important role starting from taking permission from District Commissioner’s Office (DCP) to Installation of ICU Beds at GIMS, Kalburgi.

Execution of the plan started on 28th March 2020, 04.00 PM

Followed by receiving orders, our team started work. Mr. Venkoba Rao (HR Manager) & Lohit (Van Driver) worked on getting permission from local DCP’s office. Mr. Eshwar (Supervisor OT) and team members-Siddaraju, Nagendra, Raju & Vincent started to fix required number of materials & accessories to get ICU beds ready to ship. Mr.Thippanna (Packing Incharge) and Team members started working on packing of ICU Beds as requested by District office Kalburgi on Emergency basis and packing of parcels completed by late night 08:00 PM. These packages were loaded by Mr. Siddaraju & Team (Lorry Drivers). Shipping documents like Invoice, E-Way Bills were prepared by Mr. Basavarajappa (Sales & Dispatch Team) and also great support provided by our Canteen team & Security department.

On 28th March 2020, 08.00 PM, the Transport department team took packages from Bidadi to Kalburgi by road using a truck, and all the required precautions were taken before starting from the dispatch place. It was a big challenge for the truck driver to take the goods safely to the delivery location, when there is lockdown all over the country. There were police checks conducted at every place and we could move through only because we had permission letters.

The goods reached the delivery location on 29th March 2020 The key situation is when family members would object families to enter hospitals for the risk of getting COVID 19 without looking back a local team agreed with the challenge to install the equiments and started with unloaded all the products in secure place inside GIMS. Installation of products was to be done by Confident team, Vishwanath, Revanasiddappa & Mallikarjun of Kalburgi.

As per guidelines from GIMS our installation team started installing ICU beds on 30th March, 2020 starting at 10.00 AM in particular wards by providing all the required connections, technical setup and provided demo to the GIMS team about the installed equipment.

We salute our fearless and supportive team who were all involved in this process and appreciate their efforts towards good cause at the time of lockdown. We thank each and every person and we look forward to support our company, our country and our people.

  “Great jobs can be done and remarkable results can be achieved under the guidance of great leaders”

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