Donning | Doffing | Re-use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Kit) for Dental and Oral Health Care Workers


During this pandemic, highly infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, can put dental and oral workers at the highest risk of infection than the other public. Personal protective equipment (PPE) offers a way of reducing the risk of infection when treating patients, by minimizing exposure to contaminated body fluids.

Personal Protective Equipment which reduces the highest risk of cross infection due to exposure to contamination by more aerosol generation.

A complete range of PPE kits can involve in preventing droplets from entering the mouth, nose, or eyes and preventing them from contaminating the skin elsewhere. Dentists and members of the dental team work in close proximity face-to-face, with patients often for sustained periods of time. As part of routine care, they are exposed to saliva and blood and carry out aerosol-generating procedures.

Members of the dental team are very experienced in the use of standard PPE. The review suggests that covering more parts of the body (e.g. using a long gown rather than merely an apron) provides better protection against contamination.

Additional measures to reduce the risks of contamination relevant to the dental team include the use of the Centre for Disease Control (CDC). Here is the video guidance for donning and doffing, additional spoken instructions during doffing, and techniques including one step removal of PPE, sanitation of gloves prior to removal and double gloving and also reusing of PPE Kit.

Confident’s Personal Protective Equipment Kit with Best Quality, High Class Waterproof Breathable Protective overall with Hood and Tape. It is sewn and processed with Non-woven, PE, and Breathable Composite Membrane as a raw material.

Features of Confident PPE Kit

1. PPSB Laminated with Breathable PE Flim

2. Breathable and Impervious

3. Passes Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance Test

4. Hood Design Provides Overall Protection with Elastic

5. Provide Barrier and Protection from Blood

6. Body Fluids, Secretions, and Particles in the Air

7. Corjoined, Sewing Sorip Sealing

8. Anti-Static, Anti-Liquid Splash

9 . Shrinking Elastic Cuffs


Re-Use of PPE Kit after Disinfection


Dentists can reuse Confident’s PPE Kit without putting into the trash, by disinfecting complete PPE Kit in UV Light Wardrobe.

Steriline+ Germicidal light is a UV disinfection is to destroy the DNA in the cells of microorganisms by using UV light of appropriate wavelength. The molecular structure of (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid), resulting in the death of growing cells and (or) the regenerative cells die to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection. High efficiency and high efficiency with a special design the UVC band with high intensity and long life irradiates the running water, which will bring all kinds of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other pathogens. UV is mainly applied to microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, spores, etc.).The radiation damage and the destruction of nucleic acid function make the microorganism die, and achieve the goal of disinfection.


Features of Confident’s Steriline+ Germicidal UV Light

(1) Sterilization is fast and efficient: The sterilization of bacteria and viruses by ultraviolet is generally within one to two seconds to 99% – 99.9%.

(2) The broad spectrum of sterilization and ultraviolet technology: is the highest among all disinfection technologies. It can kill almost all bacteria and viruses efficiently.

(3) High-efficiency sterilization: For bacteria, the sterilization and inactivation of bacteria are generally completed in a few seconds, almost instantaneously.

(4) Bactericidal spectrum: It can kill almost all bacteria and viruses efficiently. It includes the structural protein and accounting of COVID 19.

(5) No secondary pollution: No other chemical pollutants.