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Blue X Dental X-ray Unit 70KV



  • Blue-X, Italy
  • BIS & AERB Approved
  • Wall Mount/Unit Mount with Digital Arch Timer
  • High-voltage generator with high efficiency
  • Remote control connected wire with switch
  • Compatible with any RVG
  • Shorter exposure time and greater safety.
  • With Day Light IOPA films manual processor made of acrylic window
  • With 2 KVA Servo Stabilizer


This unit is BIS & AERB approved. It is manufactured with International Safety standards as per WHO norms. It has strong sturdy, smooth & swift positioning Arms for Accurate tube positions pantographic Arm is flexible with smooth right, left, vertical & horizontal movement. It has great lightness and flexibility in the movements.

It comes with free swivel head, which allows easy positioning of the Head. It has internally Lead Coated Head tube and cone to avoid scattered radiation.

The high voltage generator present is highly efficient in the emission of the X-rays. The digital control equipped with an easy read display indicating with precision the selected time is added bonus.It is compatible with any RVG.  It has Exposure of X-ray using remote control connected wire with switch. The exclusive angular indicating system for head positioning in various radiography techniques is very useful.  It has shorter exposure time and Greater safety.

It can be floor mountable with stool attached to the X – ray unit for seating the patient. option of wheel movement is available. It has type approval of AERB. It will be supplied with Day Light IOPA films manual processor made of acrylic window.  It will be supplied with 2 KVA Servo Stabilizer.

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