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Confident OT LIGHT SL-44 + HL-44  :


  • LED Light, cold white, efficient highly flexible light weighted.
  • Based on LED technology and as such offers exceptional performing advantages over conventional halogen lighting.
  • An average life is of more than 100 times that of normal bulbs.
  • Unique cold color corrected light high intensity and totally shadow free.
  • Maximum voltage for LED 3.4V.


Ceiling Mounted LED light domes with swiveling handles.Domes can be swept around with the help of a multi-axial system of hinges to achieve any focusing position on the operating table. They can also be rotated on their own axis. Variable intensity light, a unit focus of beam on to the area of operation. A handle is provided to conveniently position the dome.

Spring-loaded counterbalance is provided for easy and steady placement of domes at any convenient height. Special bearings are used for smooth movements.All metallic parts are elegantly finished with powder coating.

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Physical Features:

  1. Dome: Domes consist of LED’s Light Sources, Individually mounted with heat sink (for Heat absorbing). Handle for adjusting the position of the Dome. Domes are elegantly finished with powder coating.
  2. Mounting: Ceiling mounting arrangement using flange and Anchor bolts.
  3. Movement: Free three axes movement using a special bearing, Radial Arm arrangement for 360° movement, a spring-loaded system for positioning the Dome at the desired height, the dome can be moved in axial, and in a radial direction.

Technical Dimensions:

Diameter of Dome 590mm 590mm
Action Radius 1650mm 1800mm
Height Adjustment 1000mm 1000mm
No of LED’s 44 No’s 44 No’s
Light Intensity
at 1 Mtr
1,80,000 Lux
10 %
1,20,000 Lux
10 %
Variable Light IntensityHigh / Low
By Inc / Dec Switch
High / Low
Temperature Increase
in Light field
(W.R.T Ambient Temp)
3 °C to 4° C3 °C to 4 °C

Technical Specification:


Mains input voltage220V AC ± 5% 50Hz
Color temperature in Kelvin4250 ±5%
Color rendering86
Temperature increase on the operator’s head2°C
LED Avg Life40,000 Hours

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