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Manual ICU Cot


  • Height adjustable, manually operated, four section cots
  • Soft U Foam bed, 4″ thick covered with Vinyl
  • Head and footboards are easily detachable
  • Bed Top: 4 section of MS perforated sheet / LDPE sheet
  • 4 buffer wheels attached at each corners
  • Load balancing mechanism available for Back rest operating system.

Technical Data :

Length (Buffer to Buffer)2000 mm
Width (Buffer to Buffer)900 mm
Length(Top flatbed)2100 mm
Width(Top flatbed)800 mm
Height (w/o Foam)520 mm
Backrest0 - 40°
Fowler's Movement0 - 30°


This is a height adjustable, manually operated, four section cot. It has soft U Foam bed, 4 inch thick covered with Vinyl. 4 inch thick memory foam bed with vinyl cover is also provided, which adjusts to body contour for free air circulation to prevent bed sore (it is optional).

Head and footboards are easily detachable, made up of SS material single piece, that can be cleaned by any disinfecting solutions. It also has provision for Saline stand on all 4 corners. It is mounted on 5 inches size 4 wheels with diagonal locking system. It has 4 buffer wheels attached at each corners for safety purpose. Castor housing wheels are made from high grade non floor-staining synthetic materials with integrated thread guards.

Height, backrest, knee rest and trendelenberg operated through four screw systems with thrust bearings individually maneuvered by a single handle. Backrest and Kneerest shall retract as they are individually raised. Back rest operating systems shall have a load balancing mechanism.

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