In recent years human health has been considered as most important as better health is the key to human happiness and well-being. It also makes an important contribution to economic progress, as a healthy population lives longer, more productive, and thus save more. Many factors influence health status and a country’s ability to provide quality health services for its people is not limited only to cities but also to rural and remote areas.

Talking of dentistry, for decades, going to a dentist was considered an undesirable experience. It involved sitting under a bright light and having your mouth invaded with a variety of tools. Even though dental health is very important to our overall health so as to have a nice smile, among other benefits, many people choose to steer clear of dental visits because of the uncomfortably.

In recent times the mobile dentistry started to gain traction as it’s one of the most popular upcoming trends within the profession. Fortunately, new technologies make dental treatments quicker, easier, less painful, and more reliable. Due to these advancements, the dental industry is growing rapidly and has become much different than it was in past years. A greater emphasis on treatment and prevention will mean fewer caries in patients and less risk of periodontal disease. Similar to innovation within other health care professions, these new technologies will have a huge impact on how dental professionals treat their patients and how people take care of their oral health at home.

The big brand NSK has introduced the NSK VIVA Ace Mobile Dentistry System for more comfortable & more advanced home visits for dental treatment.

NSK Viva Ace

Wherever Possible.

As societies age more rapidly, there is an ever greater need for mobile dental treatment.

Today’s ageing population keeps more of their natural teeth, which means a wider range of treatments is required nearer to the patient. VIVA ace combines the functionality of a dental treatment centre in a compact body with multipurpose micromotor, ultrasonic scaler and more. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry and straight forward to set up in different locations. The first of its kind with high-functionality, supports more comfortable dental treatment wherever the patient.

Key Features:

1. Lightweight and compact body

Highly manoeuvrable and lightweight, weighing only 8.6 kg. Its compact size is ideal for stowing in a car, is easily carried up and down stairs and fits into compact spaces. Simple to transport from one patient to another. The small size has been achieved by making each component lightweight and compact without compromising functionality.

  • All in one package – A micromotor, ultrasonic scaler, 3 in 1 syringe and suction combined in a single compact body including storage space for all instruments.
  • Lightweight at 8.6 kg, it can be taken anywhere
  • Advanced functionality in a compact body
  • Intuitive easy to read control panel
  • Foot controls

2. The highly functional portable dental system just like a treatment center

Excellent efficiency and safety are achieved via both the intuitive and highly visible large LCD control panel and the superb functionality provided by each individual instrument. A high functionality system just like a treatment center.

(i) High functionality micromotor:

  • Ideally suited for all requirements of the state of the art dentistry – With its unique 180-degree vector torque control technology, it is possible to achieve high torque and smooth rotation within both high and low speed rotational ranges. Ideally suited to the requirements of dental practice.
  • Full endodontic functionality – Torque range from 0.3 – 3.0 Ncm including auto-stop and auto-reverse functions for endodontic treatment. Endodontic treatment can be performed with direct drive (1:1) contra-angle.


(ii) Multipurpose ultrasonic scaler:

  • NSK iPiezo ultrasonic engine – Provides the appropriate power at the tip end adapting to tooth conditions for firm or soft tartar. Safe scaling is possible even when removing hard tartar.
  • Comprehensive tip range – NSK offers more than 70 tips to optimize treatments in various clinical procedures, from caries removal to endodontic treatment and oral hygiene applications.

3. Quick set up and storage
Set up and storage are straight forward, simple and quick, making work more efficient and easier. The instrument holders and arm can be set at 4 different levels.

  • Hygienic as the components that touch the floor is kept in a separate storage compartment with a cover.
  • 4-level adjustable height and angle. Adjustable to various positions whether standing or sitting.
  • Storage is simple & easy to remove handpieces for easy storage.
  • Very easy to maintainThus,
  • NSK Viva Ace Mobile Dentistry System can be used to the patients who are not able to visit dental clinics due to physical challenges, aged persons who are not able to walk or sit for a long time.
  • Many big medical hospitals doesn’t have emergency dental care, can use this kit.
  • Dentists can easily take this kit along with him for dental camps in any schools, corporate campus.


  • Note: Mobile dentistry is no were competition to the regular clinical dentistry, as dentist can use this to reach his patients in the times of emergencies, for the people who are unable to visit the clinic.