Castellini Dental Chair Skema 8

Experience the future of dentistry with the Castellini Dental Chair – Skema 8. This revolutionary chair redefines the standards of comfort, efficiency, and performance in dental practices. With its sleek design and advanced technology, Skema 8 ensures an unparalleled experience for both dentists and patients. Enjoy a seamless treatment process with features designed to enhance ergonomics, streamline operations, and prioritize patient well-being.

Unique Personal Experience

Skema 8 sets a new standard in dental chair design with its meticulously crafted backrests. Constructed from a highly durable structure with soft padding, these backrests ensure unparalleled patient comfort. The smart shaping backrests facilitate access to the operating zone and promote better blood circulation. The Power Pedal Foot Control offers expanded functionality, and the optional pneumatic headrest ensures precise patient positioning. Additionally, The light & easy module of Skema 8 offers effortless mobility, adjustable vertical positioning, extended tubing capacity, convenient tray holder access, self-balanced instruments, and an optional lock system for freedom of movement.

Accurate Endodontics at all time

Skema 8 ensures precise endodontic procedures with advanced features like Autostop, Autoreverse, and Autoforward, guided by a user-friendly interface. The implanter micromotor offers noiseless, vibration-free performance, with adjustable speed and torque settings, ideal for various treatments. It supports reciprocating mode with the EVO E4 contra-angle and includes a database for optimal parameter settings. The integrated LAEC Apex Locator aids in precise root apex location, enhancing safety during procedures. With Skema 8, dentists can rely on sophisticated control and support tools for efficient and accurate endodontic treatments.

High Specialized Performance

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and refined expertise acquired over 80 years, Castellini’s instruments and accessories set unparalleled industry standards. The PiezoLight 6 ultrasound handpieces, available with MCT (Multi color temperature) lighting, epitomize versatility across prophylaxis, endodontics, and periodontal procedures. Engineered for optimal performance, they deliver controlled ultrasonic vibrations with self-regulated frequency and adjustable power settings. It also includes the syringe, which features a streamlined design and autoclavable components, ensures seamless operation and hygienic compliance, catering to diverse clinical needs with reliability and ease.

Perfect Lighting at All Times

Illumination is paramount in dentistry, and Skema 8 introduces the Venus LED MCT lamp to redefine lighting excellence. With its three-axis rotation and exceptional brightness, this lamp provides unparalleled visibility across all treatment scenarios. Equipped with advanced features such as the ‘No Touch sensor’ for seamless operation and easy-to-clean components, it ensures a hygienic and user-friendly experience for practitioners and patients alike. The castellini dental chair Skema 8 offers precise temperature adjustment, superior color rendering, and composite mode activation to optimize lighting for various clinical needs.

Safe and Certified Hygiene

At Castellini, ensuring patient safety and clinic hygiene is a top priority, backed by ongoing collaboration with esteemed university research centers. The Time Flushing feature facilitates efficient water exchange to prevent stagnation and contamination in the dental unit’s piping system. Meanwhile, the S.S.S. bottle is a stand-alone supply system with its pressurized tank of 1.8L and accessible design, facilitates filling or replacement tasks, promoting optimal hygiene practices and streamlining clinic workflows.

Full and Effective Protection

Skema 8 incorporates advanced passive protection mechanisms to safeguard both patients and staff from potential contamination risks. The S.H.D. system ensures thorough suction system cleansing between patients, maintaining hygiene standards with minimal downtime. Detachable instrument tubing and removable handles facilitate easy cleaning and sterilization procedures, while features like the glass display film and cuspidor bowl’s autoclavable design offer additional layers of protection, reinforcing Castellini’s commitment to delivering a safe and hygienic dental environment.

Technical Specifications


Separate Supply System

  • Instrument lever system with SideFlex technology
  • Complete turbine kit with Silent Power Evo 4L fibre optics, quick coupling handpiece
  • Implantor LED induction Micromotor fibre optics kit (100 – 40,000 rpm – 5.3 Ncm)
  • 6-way stainless steel syringe kit
  • NFC Multi-operator System

Assistant’s module with 4 holders and capacitive keypad mounted on self-balancing arm


Venus LED MCT lamp

  • Swivel and removable motor-driven cuspidor bowl, plus filling sensor.
  • Independent cannulae selection
  • Soft-Motion movements and Sliding function
    Patient presence sensor.
  • Pneumatic headrest with 3-axis movement.
  • Lateral slide foot control complete with joystick

“Please note that the technical specifications provided on this website are subject to change without prior notice. While we strive to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, advancements in technology and product development may lead to modifications. We recommend contacting our support team for the latest updates.”

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