Chamundi Dental Chair

Experience quality with Confident’s Chamundi Dental Chair. Take your practice to new heights with its advanced features and patient-friendly design. Buy dental chairs at the best prices in India for a seamless dental experience. Elevate your clinic with the Chamundi, embracing a stylish, streamlined, and technologically advanced approach to modern dentistry.

LED Light

Illuminate your workspace with the advanced Maia LED light (OEM, Faro,Italy). It offers an impressive brightness ( ranging from 30,000 lux to 45000 lux at a distance of 700 mm), its multi-surface reflector ensures accurate color perception. The non-touch sensor provides convenient On/Off and intensity control, while the robust arm design ensures flexibility and operator convenience. Elevate your dental procedures with precision and clarity.

Spitoon Bowl

Enhance your dental practice with the user-friendly Spitoon Bowl of the Chamundi Dental Chair. Featuring an easily cleanable, chair side blue oval glass design, it ensures optimal convenience. The bowl is manually movable towards the patient chest position for added ease during procedures. Elevate your dental workspace with thoughtful design and functionality.

Multifunctional Foot Control

Experience seamless control with the Multifunctional Foot Control of the Chamundi Dental Chair. This innovative feature offers a joystick function for precise chair movement, as well as control over Airotor, Micromotor, and scaler operations. Elevate your dental practice with comprehensive functionality at your feet.

Modular Delivery System

Enhance your dental clinic with the Chamundi Dental Chair’s advanced Modular Delivery System. This innovative setup includes two Airotor points, a Supreme optic scaler with five scaling tips, a 3-way syringe, a stainless steel instrument tray, a Supreme Micro Motor with a digital display of speed, and an X-Ray viewer. This comprehensive system ensures optimal functionality and efficiency for your dental procedures.

Assistant Side Chair Controls

Equip your dental operatory with the Assistant Side Chair Controls, featuring high and low vacuum suction cannulas for debris collection and hygiene maintenance. The addition of a Beecool LED Light cure unit (cord less) and a 3-way syringe provides enhanced functionality for comprehensive dental procedures.

Optimal Comfort

We get it, comfort matters. That’s why our dental units are designed to make patients and practitioners feel at ease. Because comfort isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. Chamundi dental chair features customer-centric designs, customizable and adjustable settings, creating an optimal environment for comfort throughout every dental procedure.

Vibrant Palette Selection

Explore a vibrant design palette with Confident Dental Equipments, offering a range of vibrant design palette, letting you choose a look that reflects your style.

“Chair Rexine colors are shown for representation purposes only. Actual colors may vary, and availability of colors is subject to change.”

Dark Orange -013
Black -007
Parrot Green- 009
Navy Blue- 005
Maroon -004
Grey -006
Yellow -012
Sky Blue -015
Sea Green -010
Red -018
Purple -016
Half white-001
Sea Blue-020

Technical Specifications

  • Electrical Actuator for up down movement, backrest & seat rest
  • Ergonomically designed hand rest for operator’s convenience
Modular delivery system
  • Airotor points with tubing & nut fitting
  • 3-way syringe
  • SS Instrument Tray
  • Supreme Micro motor 35,000rpm with digital display of speed
  • X -Ray viewer
  • Supreme Optic Scaler with five scaling tips
Assistant side Chair controls
  • High & Low vacuum suction cannulas with individual filters collect debris
    removable tubing to keep hygiene
  • Beecool LED Cord less light cure unit
  • 3 way Syringe
Motor Specification
  • Supreme Micro motor 35,000rpm with digital display of speed
LED Operating Light
  • Maia LED (OEM, Faro,Italy) Operating light having multi surface reflector having 35000 lux
  • Light fitted on well balanced base mount piller & sturdy arm for operator’s convenience
  • Monitor mounting arm
Advanced Suction System
  • High and Low vacuum motorised non-stop CRS suction
  • Suction power of 350 Ltr/min
  • Auto drain & Auto flush system

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