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How Selection of Great Seating and its Adjustment Impact Your Health


How Selection of Great Seating and its Adjustment Impact Your Health


The importance of the dental operator stool has taken a backseat to the patient chair. But now a days, the change of the mind set according to new innovations becoming prominent on how various seating options impact a dentist’s musculoskeletal health. From the ergonomic standpoint, the operator stool is the most important chair in your treatment room.

However, the low back pain is the leading Low back pain is that the reported for occupational disability in dentistry. Studies clearly show that low back pain is usually associated with sitting duration. When sitting was first introduced to dentistry, most dentists spent their day doing amalgams. The procedures were fast and straight forward. Today, with the wide selection of services offered, many dental practitioners find themselves during a fixed seated position for extended time periods, a situation that’s extremely deleterious to the spine and to physical health generally.

“Improper Position” will ultimately meet with failure. If there is no perfect chair, then there can be no perfect health.

The operator stool should suits support your body during a neutral back, neck, and shoulder posture. With the different types of body sizes and heights among dental operators, certain stool types will suit you better than others. Tall and short operators, who are especially vulnerable to pain syndromes due to ill-fitting seating, should be particularly conscientious when assessing special stool features.

Confident Dental Equipment came up with the “Zero Back Ache – Comfort Stool with better elegance and ergonomics”

  • Rising & Lowering, Backrest movement, Seat movement by a pneumatic piston.
  • A bowl shape seat provides seating without strain and backrest moves with body giving support all time to the spine
  • Adjustable backrest & comfortable to work easily.
  • Design: The comfort stool is specially designed for multipurpose working environment. The features of this stool is to give excellent seating support to them, especially as they occupy different positions, while working.
  • Elegance: A Smoothly curved shape.
  • Ergonomics: The stool provides a perfect support to the whole body with the adjustable angle for the seat and adjustable backrest to suit user. It follows the movement as the user works. It allows complete freedom of movement to should blades. The bowl shaped seat provides a correct seating without strain and do not allow sliding even when you lean forward.

“Comfort” Stool for Doctors

             1. Height Adjustment:
To increase the height of the chair pull the lever in the upward direction when you are not seated on the stool, the unit moves in the upward direction.
To decrease the height of the chair press the lever in the upward direction when you are seated on the stool, the unit moves in the downward direction.                    By doing this you can adjust the stool to any convenient height.


2. Handrest Adjustment:

    • To increase the height of the Handrest assembly unscrew the KNOB 1 & lift the assembly to the required height and tighten the knob.
    • You can slide the Handrest in the forward direction
    • To swivel, the Handrest unscrew the KNOB 2 & swivel the Handrest to the required angle & lock the angle by tightening the knob.

        3. Backrest Adjustment:

To adjust the height of the backrest, unscrew the knob given at the rear end of the backrest & hold the backrest & lift in the upward direction to increase the height, or pull the backrest in the downward direction to decrease the height, by doing this you can adjust the backrest to the required height.

        4. Backrest & Seatrest Adjustment:

Rotate the lever up, piston gets activated such that backrest & Seatrest will follow the contoured body. Backrest and Seatrest will follow your movements individually. You can lock the position at the required height & angle.


Cleaning & Maintenance

  1. Patient Chair Upholstery :

A mild soap & warm water solution can be used to wipe clean the stains or spills. Dry immediately with a warm setting of hairdryer.

Note: Do not use alcohol as a cleaning agent.


2. Unit Surfaces :

All exposed surfaces should be periodically wipe cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning agents specially designed for use with dental units.

Note: To avoid damage, a splashed cleaning solution must be wiped immediately from the surfaces of the dental units.


3. Foot Control Unit :

The foot control unit should be periodically wipe cleaned with non-abrasive cleaning agent specially designed for use with dental units.


4. Instruments :

All instruments must be periodically cleaned & serviced according to the information supplied with the instruments.

Note: After cleaning the instruments let the oil run through it for about 10 minutes before placing it in the pouch for autoclaving.


5. Suction Handpieces :

The suction handpieces can be unscrewed from the suction tubes for cleaning. Handpieces can be autoclaved up to 135 degrees C.

Note: Do not use dishwashing detergents as cleaning agents


6. Preventive Maintenance:

To guarantee the proper operation of the unit, it has to be checked & serviced once every six months by qualified service personnel trained at Confident Dental Equipment.


Caution: You can use any disinfectant available at market in the ratio of 1:10 (i,e for every one part of disinfectant you have to add 10% of water).


Apart from the Comfort Stool, Dental Clinic must have the following products in the time of Covid-19


  1. PPE Kit: Protect Yourself against the COVID 19
  2. KN95 Mask: Particulate Respirator
  3. Medical Goggles: Anti Fog, Clear Picture
  4. Face Shield: Ensure Safety
  5. Steriline Fog Plus: Disinfect Your Clinic of Germs and Virus
  6. Steriliz Air Plus: Aersol Suction, Protects YOU from the Cross Infection



Whatever size of a dental practice you run, optimal management of the sterilization of your instruments plays an important role in the effectiveness of your treatment protocols as well as the safety of your patients and you and your team members.

Autoclaves have become an indispensable piece of equipment in the effective management of the sterilization protocol of the modern day practices. Autoclaves are pressure chambers which use high pressure steam at temperature above 100 degree Celsius to eliminate and kill all the microorganisms on the loads you put inside them so that you get 100 % sterilized instrument to work on your Patients each and every time.



There are different classes of autoclaves

  • Class N
  • Class B
  • Class S

Class B is the best autoclave to choose for your dental practice. As they sterilize under vacuum & steam. They can sterilize any load type, including porous or hollow materials, products in pouches, textiles and hollow items like wands, turbines, hand pieces and tips. They have shorter and effective sterilization cycles.


Typical B class autoclave cycle steps are :

  1. In the first phase of steam sterilization the autoclaves pump will clear out all the air in the chamber thus creating a vacuum.
  2. Once the vacuum is generated steam I released into the chamber, the pressure inside the chamber will be higher than the atmospheric pressure which will increase the boiling point of water as a result the vapor inside the chamber will reach to higher temperatures ranging from 120 to 134 degrees centigrade.
  3. Once it reaches the predetermined temperature the instruments are left for a predetermined time which aids in killing all the germs and microorganisms.
  4. Then the steam is let out of the chamber and all the instruments are vacuum dried and the pressure is brought to the outside level thereby completing the highly effective cycle of sterilization of the instruments.


Points to be considered while choosing from whom to buy the best autoclave for your practice

While choosing to buy a reliable equipment which is of a great significance to your practice always choose a reliable manufacturer or a company wo can give you the best and quality equipment’s. Are they a well-known supplier of high end reliable products like autoclaves.

Are they offering you autoclaves with different capacities as per the size of your clinic.

The warranty offered on the equipment.

After sales service of the product.




Key features of Steriline + B Class Autoclave

  • Class B Steam Sterilizer with pre/post vacuum
  • Better penetration for hollow and porous instruments
  • Faster sterilization times and cycle
  • 5 programmed sterilization cycles – Unwrapped, Wrapped, Plastic, Textile, Prions and 3 Test Programs (B&D, Vacuum Test, Helix Test)
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Independent Steam Generator for Positive pressure displacement
  • Easy to repair – Quality parts made in Europe
  • Optional Printer
  • USB Port for Recording Cycles
  • Triple Door Protection System – Prevents door from opening during cycles.
  • Pressure safety valve


Advantages of Steriline + B Class Advantages:

  • LONG LASTING : Top Quality Stainless Steel door with mirror polish surface is highly resistant to corrosion.
  • CONVENIENT : Built-in system for checking water quality
  • ENERGY SAVER : Low Rate Cycle – you can run your sterilizer when electrical power costs are low, like after work hours, by setting a delayed start time.
  • SAFETY : Two different locking mechanisms prevent the door from opening while the chamber is pressurized.
  • TIME SAVING : Every sterilization cycle can save 15 minutes
  • DRYING SYSTEM : Improved cooling and drying system will ensure no water left after the cycle
  • EVAPORATOR : Homogenous heating, it only needs 1.5min to reach 145* C


         Maintainance of Steriline + B Class Autoclave

Frequency Maintenance Required
Daily Clean Door Seal

Clean the External

Weekly Clean Distilled Water Reservoir

Clean Sterilization Chamber

Monthly Clean Filter inside Chamber and Tank
Every 3/6 Months Replace Door Seal
Every Year Replace Silicone Tubing, filters and door seal
Every 2 years Replace Battery on Main PCB that controls the timer


“Confident” is the well know brand in a dental industry from 1978. It’s a name to reckon in the Indian market as a quality manufacturer of Dental and Medical Equipment, with a vision to provide quality dental equipment to the Indian dentists.

Now, no worries of your after sale services Confident has come up with a new Confident Customer Support Team. Where your queries or complaints will be resolved instantly.

We the Confident assure 100% guarantee for best customer service.

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